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  • Design is transforming business, powering new companies like Nest and AirBnB, and revitalizing older ones like Google and Intuit. Design thinking and practices are tapped as a font of innovation by start-ups in particular. The Lean Startup process reflects user-centered design in its build-measure-learn cycle, and the Business Model Canvas relies on visual-thinking approaches, empathy maps to the lean canvas. Innovation requires left and right brain thinking, in sync.

    In this hands-on course, participants will apply design techniques to designing not only a product but also a business. You will understand a market, do need-finding, and validate ideas and prototypes with potential customers. You’ll learn how to use the business model canvas to design each part of a company and use UX research techniques to get out of the classroom to see if anyone other than you would want and use your product.

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    What You’ll Learn

    In this course, you will:

    • Learn critical design exercises that unleash latent creativity
    • Understand what is the right customer development research done the right way.
    • Talk to potential users, then turn those insights into actionable decisions
    • Design a coherent business model that reflects market needs
    • Advance your ability to design with real world business understanding

    How It Works

    This is a hands-on course based on Steve Blank’s “Lean Launchpad” but put through the lens of design thinking and optimized for innovation. We’ll be working through the business model canvas using design-thinking exercises to co-create then iterate new businesses. Less lecture, more making!

    Who Should Attend

    This course is aimed at people who are in the early stages of a start-up, thinking of starting one or creating a product, or thinking about joining a start-up or new small business. Designers and engineers are creative beings, business and product people understand markets, but if you want to found a startup, you really have to understand it all. This is a workshop for all disciplines, together.