Content Strategy for UXers

  • If you work in UX, chances are you’re already thinking about content: how it’s presented, organized, and understood by users. But the more your team works with large, complex web properties—and the large, complex organizations behind them—the more you need to know about how content works…and how it doesn’t.

    In this course, we’ll discuss the way content strategy and UX practices work together, identify the common overlaps between roles, and learn a broader range of approaches for dealing with content—from establishing messaging and editorial standards to leading content creation and overhaul initiatives to helping organizations develop sustainable content management plans.

    What You’ll Learn

    This course will help UX teams learn to:

    • Develop a unified vision for content—and then back that vision up with specific goals, content types, publishing and governance plans, guidelines, and more
    • Identify the people problems and organizational challenges behind common content issues
    • Communicate with and lead content creators, editors, and marketers
    • Determine which techniques and deliverables are needed, and how to incorporate them into your UX process (or bring in additional expertise)

    How We’ll Do It

    • Through open discussions and hands-on, collaborative activities, we will:
    • Discuss your current UX process, identifying how and where content fits in today.
    • Identify the typical ways content creates challenges on your projects–from the age-old problem of content never coming in on time to issues related to mobile, CMSes, and organizational silos.
    • Break those content problems down and discuss their root causes.
    • Learn about common content strategy deliverables and how they can help.
    • Practice incorporating a content focus into your process.

    This course is geared toward teams working in all kinds of user experience-related roles, including information architects, interaction designers, usability specialists, and researchers.