• According to Gallup, only 29% of workers in the United States are classified as engaged. Not surprisingly, workers who are engaged are more productive, stay with their employer longer, and contribute to a healthier culture. The impact of these people is spectacular, yet little is ultimately done to meaningfully increase the number of engaged employees.

    Catalyst is a bottom-up method that informs and empowers leaders, managers and high-performers, giving them the perspective and tools to create micro-environments of great success. Using a variety of psychological and behavioural methods, it is easy-to-understand and even easier to apply.

    More than just impacting your direct areas, the Catalyst method is infectious. Other groups and people exposed to your success will be influenced by it. Soon, the focused changes you instigated become a catalyst to better energy and engagement in others. Not only are you making your professional sphere healthier, happier and more productive, you are contributing to spreading goodness around as a simple byproduct of doing your job.


    The day will include:

    • Hands-on activities, exploring these methods with your classmates
    • Comprehensive instruction in the method and its use in leadership, management, teamwork and co-work
    • A brief review of the underlying science and methodology
    • A rich combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises
    • Handouts with everything you need to get started tomorrow
    • Explosive potential for your professional future

    What You’ll Learn

    • Different characteristics and archetypes of working professionals and how those fit into the engagement model
    • Depending on the context – leadership, management, teamwork or co-work – a detailed road map for executing the method consistently and repeatably
    • A brief overview of relevant psychological and behavioural theory, and direction on where and how to dive deeper
    • Basics about employee engagement and alignment theory
    • Language and structure for transferring principles of the Catalyst method throughout your team and organization

    Who Ahould Attend

    Leaders, Managers, High Performers, Professionals interested in being a positive force for cultural good in their companies