Applied Empathy Framework

  • Creating products, services and touchpoints to meet the deepest and most influential human needs and desires is the holy grail of designers and marketeers everywhere. This approach will empower professionals at every level of ability and experience to achieve it.

    Typically, the best creations deeply satisfy people thanks to a perfect and accidental storm, combining rare-to-unique intuition and/or ability with serendipitous timing. While all creators intend to achieve such heights it is no accident that there is only one Apple. That leaves the rest of us to figure out a different and more systematic path, one not predicated on remarkable levels of genius.

    The Applied Empathy Framework provides a methodology and process for systematically upleveling your creations to intentionally and successfully stimulate the deepest human needs and desires. Both research and market success underscore that the more successfully creations are able to engage these essentials, the more loyal and willing to spend customers will be.

    Using the Applied Empathy Framework, you will be able to intentionally and successfully create to meet those clearly articulated objectives.


    The day will include:

    • Hands-on activities, applying the method in real-world situations
    • Comprehensive instruction in the framework and its use in design, marketing and testing
    • A brief review of the underlying science and methodology
    • A rich combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises
    • Handouts with everything you need to get started tomorrow
    • Explosive potential for your professional future

    What You’ll Learn

    • How to re-frame the creation process to feed into deep human needs and desires
    • Depending on the context – design, marketing or testing – a detailed road map for executing the method consistently and repeatably
    • Science and methodology to underscore your direction and decisions
    • Language and structure for transferring principles of applied empathy throughout your team and organization

    Who Should Attend

    Marketers, Interaction Designers, Information Architects, Product Designers, Service Designers, Software Designers, UI Designers, Web Designers, User Researchers, Usability Testers, Writers, Strategists