User Experience Consulting

What is it?

Deep expertise, guidance, and insight from many of the user experience field's leading lights, backed by one of the field's most trusted brands.

Who is this for?

Organizations that need high-end "teach a man to fish" consulting—in the form of coaching, advising, mentoring, and facilitating—to help their teams research, design and develop more effectively.

We're not an agency.

We don't tackle huge soup-to-nuts projects or compete on cost. We simply match you with senior, seasoned experts who are only available for short, time-based, high-value engagements (and for on-site training as well).

Expert Areas of Expertise
Aaron Gustafson Hire Front-end Strategy & Training, Mobile Experience Design
Aarron Walter Hire Product Design, User Experience Team Management, Brand Personality Development
Anders Ramsay Hire Product Design, Agile Design Coaching
Andy Polaine Hire Research and Service Design Strategy, Team or Individual Mentoring and Coaching
Bob Boiko Hire Content Strategy, Product Design and Launch, Information Management
Boon Sheridan Hire Content Strategy, Customer Journeys, Discovery and Development
Brad Frost Hire Responsive Web Design
Brenda Laurel Hire Interaction Design, Design Research, Gender and Technology
Bryan Eisenberg Hire Continuous improvement coaching, Contextually relevant content planning, Understanding customers and purchase funnels
Caroline Jarrett Hire Forms Design, Survey Design, User experience of complex web sites
Christian Crumlish Hire User Experience Strategy, Product Strategy, Design, and Development, Social Experience Design Strategy
Christina Wodtke Hire Game Design in the real world, Designing Social Websites, Fundamentals of User Experience Design
Dan Szuc Hire International User/Design Research, The Usability Kit, Collaborative Design, UX Educational Programs
Daniel Rosenberg Hire , UX Design Strategy, UX Team Mentorship
Dave Gray Hire Data visualization and information design, Collaboration and participatory design, Innovation design practices
Dirk Knemeyer Hire Product Leadership, Management Coaching
Ginny Redish Hire Content Strategy, Usability Testing, Writing for the Web
Greg Nudelman Hire Mobile and Tablet UX Design, Ecommerce Search
Indi Young Hire Mental Model Creation, Mental Model Review
Irene Au Hire UX Team Development, UX Design
Jason CranfordTeague Hire Responsive Web Design, User Experience for Technical Teams, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Training For Design Teams, Web Brand, Prototyping
Jeff Sauro Hire Usability Testing, Statistical Analysis
Jeffrey Eisenberg Hire Continuous improvement coaching, Contextually relevant content planning, Understanding customers and purchase funnels
Jess McMullin Hire Visible Strategy & Policy , Service Design Coaching, Public Sector Experience Design
Jonathan Kahn Hire Content Strategy, Agile Content, Collaboration for Digital
Jonathan Knoll Hire Prototyping, Design Research & Strategy
Joseph Busch Hire Taxonomy Development, Taxonomy Workshops, Taxonomy Development Coaching
Kate Rutter Hire Product Design, Innovation design practices, Lean UX, Visual methods and concepting, Rapid collaboration and participatory design
Kelly Goto Hire Emotional UX Design, UX process and (work)flow
Kevin Cheng Hire Storyboarding product ideas, User experience and product management
Kevin M. Hoffman Hire Meeting Design and Facilitation, Digital Strategy, Information Architecture and Responsive Design
Kim Goodwin Hire Product and Service Design; Team Development, Organizational Consulting: Building Teams, Processes, and Cultures
Laura Klein Hire User research , Lean UX
Laura Weiss Hire Advancing Innovation Initiatives, Developing Innovation Capabilities
Leisa Reichelt Hire Agile UX Coaching, Customer Journey Mapping, Strategic UX Coaching
Lisa Welchman Hire Web Governance Development
Louis Rosenfeld Hire Search Analytics, Strategic Information Architecture
Marc Rettig Hire Culture shifts, Designing organizational futures, Research with impact
Margot Bloomstein Hire Content strategy advocacy, Message architecture development
Mike Fisher Hire Mobile user research tools & techniques, User research , E-commerce UX optimization, Concept ideation and prototyping
Nathan Shedroff Hire Business Models and Strategy, Customer Experience and Meaning Strategy, Sustainability Evaluation and Strategy, Innovative Educational Models, Radical Science Fiction Interfaces
Peter Hughes Hire Usability Testing
Peter Jones Hire Strategic Foresight, Innovation Research, Participatory and Dialogic Design
Randy Farmer Hire Social Media Strategy Development, Identity, Reputation, and Social Engagement Design, Intellectual Property Consulting
Russ Unger Hire General UX Consulting, Facilitation, Guerrilla / Rapid Design & Research
Sara Wachter-Boettcher Hire Content Strategy, Strategic Message Architecture, Cross-Channel & Mobile Content Design
Steve Portigal Hire User Insights, Insight Activation
Susan Weinschenk Hire Behavioral Psychology and Engagement Design, User Experience Audit
Suzanne Ginsburg Hire Mobile Application Design
Theresa Neil Hire Cross Platform Design Strategy
Victor Lombardi Hire Product Development
Whitney Quesenbery Hire Persona Development, User Experience Research