From Button Copy to Bots

Writing for user interfaces

By Amy Thibodeau

  • From Button Copy to Bots Cover
  • From checking into a flight to checking a bank balance, all kinds of people rely on technology to do things that are important to them. The words in your interface—button copy, error messages, and everything in-between—are one of the key ways your customers find their way from point a to b.

    This book will teach you how to use words as a design tool in your product even if you don’t feel confident in your own writing skills. Learning how to use language thoughtfully matters because digital experiences with clear, helpful content are easier for people to learn, use, and love.

    Developers, designers, marketers, founders, product managers—this is the practical book about writing you’ve been waiting for.

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    Table of Contents

    Section 1: Write like a human

    Chapter 1: Find your purpose
    Chapter 2: Write for communication and clarity
    Chapter 3: Let your users decide
    Chapter 4: Ask only for what you need
    Chapter 5: Building principles into your approach

    Section 2: Get scrappy with strategy

    Chapter 6: Think through the system
    Chapter 7: Plan for the future

    Section 3: Write for key tasks

    Chapter 8: Action language
    Chapter 9: Conversational interfaces
    Chapter 10: Get people started
    Chapter 11: Sensitive subjects
    Chapter 12: Transactions
    Chapter 13: Problems and other opportunities