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Designing with Agile

Lean User Experience for Successful Products 

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by Anders Ramsay

Designing with Agile

While Agile is taking the developer community by storm, User Experience practitioners are struggling to understand how they fit into the Agile universe and how they can take advantage of the powerful ideas that fuel Agile teams. This book will provide a path for design teams in general and User Experience practitioners in particular, helping them transform their practices by applying Agile methods and thinking.

This book will help you learn:

  • How modern agile and iterative methods and UX practices fit together
  • How to integrate your practice into existing Agile teams
  • How to create the right flavor of Agile for your team

“Designing with Agile” Blog

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Agile UX Health Check

When adopting a new way of working, it’s natural to use what you currently know as a starting point, and to frame questions about the new thing you are learning using the terminology and perspective of the old way of working.  So, if you are a UX designer coming from a traditional UX background, which tends […]

The UX of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

Among Agile teams, especially those with a strong UX focus, “MVP” has become part of the everyday din of project discussion.  A typical conversation might go something like this: Yeah, we’re working on our MVP right now. Sorry, what are you working on? Our Minimum Viable, er, Valuable?… Product.  Not sure.  Anyway, that’s what we’re […]

Agile UX vs Lean UX – How they’re different and why it matters for UX designers

I’ve seen a lot of discussion recently on what the difference is between Agile UX and Lean UX. I am happy to plead guilty to having used these terms interchangeably, as it would seem they are both talking about a more light-weight and iterative UX practice. But when I was recently asked to participate in […]

The UX of User Stories, Part 2

In the first part of this two-part series, we talked about what Stories are, their relationship to Personas and Story Maps, and factors to consider when writing stories.  Let’s continue by looking at the relationship between stories and UI exploration. 6. Iterate Story Development with UI Exploration Within the everyday chaos of an average design […]

The UX of User Stories, Part 1

If you are a UX designer who wants to quickly get up to speed with integrating Agile and UX, there are few better places to start than with User Stories.  They are both a quintessential embodiment of Agile thinking (i.e. if you understand User Stories, you understand Agile thinking) and a potential power tool for […]