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Recent Reviews

Several new reviews for Web Form Design have been published:

  • Review in Digital Web Magazine; August, 2008. Reviewed by Matthew Pennell.
    “Web Form Design is that most curious of web-dev books—one without a single line of code within its pages. Instead, we are treated to a masterclass in design theory, and the year’s first essential purchase.”
  • Review in Adaptive Path; September, 2008. Reviewed by Dan Saffer.
    “Filled with practical advice told in an engaging manner. I can’t imagine any serious web interaction designer not having it on her bookshelf.”
  • Review in Pure Visibility; August 2008. Reviewed by Mike Beasley
    “This one definitely has a place on the Pure Visibility bookshelf.”
  • Review in Eddie Welker’s blog; August 2008.
    “Web Form Design is written well enough so that it can be easily read within a few hours. However, it’s real place is beside you the next time that you have to design or write a form, so that you will be able to make intelligent design decisions, rather than just best guesses.”
  • Review in Alec Cochrane’s blog; August 2008.
    “It is a very practical book on the all the intricacies of designing and building forms for the web environment. And to be quite frank, I didn’t even realise that there was so much to know about.”
  • Review in Ben Nadel’s blog; August 2008.
    “In short, this book is jam-packed with valuable information. I am positive that there is far too much for me to absorb in one sitting; surely, this book will become and often-used reference book in my library.”

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