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Integrating web analytics and user experience

Earlier today I gave a talk on the need to integrate web analytics and user experience at Janus Boye’s Philadelphia conference. I discussed the differences in perspectives, methods, and use of data among these two communities, as well as an initial start at how they might be integrated over time. Troy Winfrey did a speedy nice job of covering it in CMSwire. You can view and download (in Keynote format, mind you) the slides from Slideshare.

Updated, May 16: Just gave an improved version of this talk as the opening keynote for the IA Konferenz 2009 in Hamburg. I removed the initial slides about the relationship of information architecture and content management, which were there to set context for the J Boye conference, and added some new stuff, mostly a fantastic quote from Tom Chi. (His recent OK/Cancel article is a must-read.)

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