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32 UX tips + sponsors’ freebies = :-)

Not only do we have 32 Awesomely Practical UX Tips to share with you this April 24, but we have 5 Awesomely Supportive Sponsors: MailChimp,, UIE, O’Reilly, and Balsamiq.

  • They provide an incredible user testing service that generates user research—from real people—IN ONE HOUR. And analysis too. Even better—they’re providing a free test to first twenty people who register for our event.
  • User Interface Engineering: UIE recently launched their All You Can Learn library , which features recorded virtual seminars from the industry’s best instructors. When you register for our event, you’ll get two months’ free access to 119 UIE virtual seminar recordings.
  • O’Reilly: Our long-time partners and source of inspiration, O’Reilly is providing each registrant with a free e-book.
  • MailChimp: UX in action: a fantastic newsletter management platform that provides an exemplary user experience, and backed by one of the best user experience teams in the biz. In fact, that team puts out its own newsletter, which is required reading for UXers.
  • Balsamiq: There really is a better way to wireframe: Balsamiq Mockups. It reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but using a computer.

Those are some great freebies to go along with the incredible value of our 32 Awesomely Practical UX Tips event with Brenda Laurel, Steve Portigal, Kim Goodwin, Leah Buley, Christina Wodtke, and Dave Gray. You can attend it live on April 24, then enjoy the recordings at your leisure. We hope you’ll join us!

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  2. Jack Baum

    I’m new to the whole deal here. I need to know, as a technical writer and instructional designer of training programs for businesses, what can I expect as a non-programmer or coder? What can this do for me? Is this appropriate for me?

  3. Louis Rosenfeld Post author

    Hi Jack–definitely appropriate! As an “outsider” to UX, you’ll be exposed to a pretty wide swath of the field, as our speakers are quite varied. In fact, most UX people are *not* coders or programmers–we’re more often the people who humanize technology for users. You’ll also get some practical, concrete advice, most (if not all) of which will be useful for you whether you consider yourself a member of the UX tribe or not.

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