Aaron Gustafson on the Biggest Responsive Design Mistake

This October 15-16, we're hosting a Responsive Design Studio in Mountain View, CA! Come work with experts Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Aaron Gustafson and Jason CranfordTeague in this two-day, in-depth studio that weaves together content strategy, design, and development to form a complete look at what it takes to plan, write, design, and code for responsive and adaptive experiences.

In preparation for the studio, we asked expert Aaron Gustafson about one huge mistake that people keep making in Responsive Design and how to avoid it.

aaron-gustafson.jpgAaron Gustafson: Tackling a site build that will work as well on smaller, mobile screens and larger, stationary ones is a lot more involved than rearranging content on a page. In addition to the visual design implications, a web team needs to consider page rendering performance, interface responsiveness, and what the continuum of experience should be for users as they move from a smaller, less powerful device on a mobile network up to a large (or perhaps giant) display with a faster processor that is hard-wired to the network or connected via wifi.

These considerations should factor into the strategy and system design process and should be part and parcel of all UX deliverables. Having integrated teams—UX, visual design, front-end, and back-end folks all working together—that can deliver this sort of documentation is crucial for the success of these types of projects.

Rosenfeld Media: Thanks Aaron!

Register for the Responsive Design Studio by 9/20 to get the Early Bird Discount!


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