Mobile Design Strategy: Don’t Make This Mistake

On September 12, our next event, The Mobile UX Summit, is coming to your virtual office! We've hit up Josh Clark, Brad Frost, Theresa Neil, Greg Nudelman, Jason CranfordTeague, and Mike Fisher for 27 tips and 2 case studies on designing mobile experiences. You'll walk away with new mobile UX insight and skills, get some questions answered—and the session recordings are included with your registration.

This week we asked Josh Clark about the most important mistake to avoid in mobile design strategy:

josh-clark.jpgJosh Clark: Too many of us are using screen size as a proxy for detecting touchscreen support: "it's a small screen, so it must be a touchscreen phone," and: "it's a big screen, so it must be mouse and cursor." That was always a dodgy assumption, but with the rise of tablets, touchscreen laptops and ultrabooks, it's now downright dangerous.

This is a big headache for responsive web design. Just about any screen, no matter its size, can have a touchscreen now. Since there's currently no foolproof way to detect whether a browser supports touch or not, we have to *assume* it does. That means that every desktop design should be touch-friendly. That requires some significant changes to the "settled" design patterns we've adopted for websites. My talk will give you the info you need to make finger-friendly designs for desktop, too.

Sign up now to reserve your virtual seat at our Mobile UX Summit on September 12!


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