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Why did Twitter succeed while Pownce plotzed? Why has "to Plaxo" become a verb? And Zune: great product, but are you using one right now?

More and more, products succeed because not because they provide better designs or functionality, but because their overall experiences are superior to their competitors'. Victor Lombardi's book, Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures, which debuted just hours ago, is your field guide to failure. It's packed with case studies and lessons that will help you, as Don Norman suggests in his foreword, "embrace failure to learn from failure" and "learn from failure to avoid failure".

Pick up your copy of Why We Fail direct from Rosenfeld Media today—in paperback and three DRM-free digital formats (PDF, MOBI, and ePUB). It's also available from Amazon and O'Reilly.


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