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Here in Mr. Rosenfeld's neighborhood, we're careful to avoid the word redesign. But whatever it's called, you may have noticed that we've indeed changed a lot of things about the Rosenfeld Media site:

  1. The visual design is quite different. Dave Shea's lovely work on UX Zeitgeist has now been adapted for the "main" site. Next we'll apply this design to individual book sites.

  2. The shopping cart has been radically changed and, we hope, improved. We've applied the principles from a certain useful book while swapping out Kryptronic and installing Xcart, which seems a bit more flexible.

This is all well and good, and we hope you enjoy the new design and functionality. (And you'll let us know what could be better, won't you? In fact, how about a nice discount as an incentive to try it out? Use code WHEW before this Sunday for 30% any individual Rosenfeld Media book or webinar.)

Actually, the biggest change we've made is the one you can't see: getting our back office in order so we can start selling many other types of products. As you may notice, the new main page makes our webinars more prominent; over the coming months you'll see other product types showing up there. It's all part of the one-year plan to move from publisher of UX books to purveyor of UX expertise in all logical formats.

Wish us luck!