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We're very pleased to be partnering with our friends at Keynotopia on a holiday bundle: their awesome prototyping tools, our awesome Prototyping book (in four digital formats), all for US$22 (a US$76 value).

The offer's only good until New Year's day, so now's the time to check it out!

Let's say you're a user experience practitioner, a designer, or a user researcher. Or any of the other titles you might associate with these terms. And you work for a large organization that occasionally brings in outside experts to teach UX-related courses in-house.

The question: who is responsible for identifying the expert and the course they should teach?

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If you've been hankering for one of our books or webinars, 40% off is a great deal.

And if you've been furtively desirous of our entire collection, it's an insanely great deal. That's because we've just made the seven-book Rosenfeld Media Library available as a package, itself at a large discount. When you add the two discounts, the paperback+digitals price goes from $199.00 to $119.40 (that works out to $17.06 for each book in five formats, including a lovely paperback). The digitals-only price goes from $99.00 to $59.40 (or $8.49 per book for four digital formats, including ePub and MOBI).

To take advantage of this great deal, enter code HOLIDAY40 at checkout. This offer ends on New Year's Day.

And speaking of the holidays, your friends at Rosenfeld Media wish you a great one!