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UX practitioners who want to design better mobile experiences have little guidance in book form. It's not surprising, given how quickly the mobile landscape is changing.

That's why we're excited by The Mobile Frontier, the book that Rachel Hinman has just signed to write for Rosenfeld Media. As you'll see from her outline, Rachel will cover practical lessons that are technology independent, and map out the hairy challenges that designers need to start working through right away. So the book's value will be evergreen despite the dynamism of mobile design. And Rachel's got killer experience working for Nokia, Adaptive Path and Yahoo! that should come in quite handy.

You can keep up with Rachel's work at her book-in-progress site. And thanks for helping spread the word!

Two years old. And, according to the UX Book Club wiki, over 100 clubs around the world. From Portland to Perth, chances are there's a UX Book Club near you where you can discuss books, network, and have a great time. And if there isn't? Then start one; it's incredibly easy.

To help mark the occasion, we're donating five of our books to the UX Book Clubs' birthday contest. To enter, tweet the reason you love the UXBC and include the hash tag #uxbookclub2. Do it by November 24.

And while we're on the subject, remember that publishers like us are more than happy to give free stuff and discounts to clubs that discuss our books.

It keeps getting better: InfoDesign's Peter Bogaards has joined our editorial board, and Yoni Knoll of InfinityPlusOne is now part of our strategic board.

Peter's work as one of the community's most important content scouts makes him an obvious choice to help shape Rosenfeld Media's editorial agenda. Yoni has been instrumental in the overhaul of the soon-to-relaunch UX Zeitgeist service. Both are uniquely talented, connected, and loved within the UX community. And we're grateful to have them both on our side.

This really is quite a great deal: over US$5,000 of usability tools—including all seven of our titles in lovely digital formats—for US$1,350. Optimal Workshop's package includes Silverback, Loop 11, Ethnio, KISS Metrics and more, as well as their own goodies. The deal is good on November 11 only—World Usability Day, so you can't possibly forget it. So check it out!

From the moment we started publishing, we offered digital editions of our books. At first, if you purchased directly from us, we included a screen-optimized PDF that you could download and use immediately. Then we started offering printer-optimized PDFs for people who'd prefer to print our books themselves, rather than pay and wait for a paperback to be shipped. Earlier this year we started offering ePub editions for use on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. And now, at your request, we're pleased to provide Kindle-compliant MOBI versions of each of our books.

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