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This Wednesday's special is, once again, 50% off Nathan Shedroff's Design Is the Problem: the Future of Design Must be Sustainable. Nathan's book is the definitive text for designers who wish to bake sustainability into their product design process.

Here's how the discount works: follow @rosenfeldmedia on Twitter and we'll tweet the discount code a few times during the day on Wednesday (defined at GMT-5).

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Our first Wednesday special, 50% off Mental Models, was a smashing success. We're following it up by offering the same deal on Luke Wroblewski's classic Web Form Design: Filling In the Blanks. Here's how the deal works: follow @rosenfeldmedia on Twitter and we'll tweet the discount code a few times during the day on Wednesday (defined at GMT-5). That's it!

We're going to try a little experiment over the coming couple months: every Wednesday, we'll discount one of our titles by 50%. This offer will last one day only (and we define a Wednesday by GMT-5). To receive the discount code, you'll need to follow us on Twitter (@rosenfeldmedia).

First up: we'll discount Indi Young's Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior by 50%. Yes, this Wednesday. Hope you'll take advantage of it (and help spread the word)!

We've set up a new Twitter list for our authors; 13 (at the moment) for the price of 1 follow! And of course, please also consider following @rosenfeldmedia for all sorts of updates, giveaways, and crazy discounts.

It's a wonderful week for us at Rosenfeld Media, because we move from the "royal" us to the real one: our first full-time employee started work on Monday. Karen Corbett, who's been responsible for our customer service since late 2008, is now our Operations Manager. She'll continue to handle customer service, which she's done so well (for instance, our Amazon customers rate us a 4.9), and will take on new responsibilities in managing our day-to-day operations. I'm absolutely thrilled that Karen is (even more) on board!

Yes, along with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, you can now purchase Rosenfeld Media products with PayPal! We've had a small but steady steam of requests for PayPal, and we're pleased to make it available.