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Our Korean partner, Insight Books, has translated Indi Young's Mental Models book. You can learn more and order the book at Insight's web site.

It's here! Well, technically, your copy of Prototyping: A Practitioner's Guide is sitting in a crate in our fulfillment center in Ypsilanti, Michigan, awaiting swift shipping and tender handling on its way to your loving hands. Order your copy today to learn the ins and outs of this most practical design tool in a most practical fashion. Todd Zaki Warfel covers the gamut of prototyping approaches, from low-tech (paper prototyping) to high-tech (Axure and its ilk).

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The theme of this year's World Usability Day, which takes place on November 12, is "Designing for a Sustainable World". WUD is a truly global event, and sustainable design is certainly a global issue. It's also a personal issue for UX people; whether you're testing a web site or designing a new mobile device, your work will have an impact on people, the environment, and economic systems. What can you do to ensure your solutions leave the smallest possible footprint on our planet, promote social justice, and contribute to stable, sustainable economies?

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