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In partnership with Smart Experience, Rosenfeld Media is launching a new series of webinars. Future Experience webinars will tackle the cutting edge of modern UX practice. Our first speaker, Luke Wroblewski, will cover Modern Web Form Design on November 13.

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The Rosenfeld Media main page has a new look that emphasizes both our books (something we didn't have when we originally launched the site, of course) and their authors. Although this new design won't scale indefinitely, we hope it will last us for another year or two, which is plenty long in this industry. Kudos to our designer Dave Shea, who continues to make sure that we look good and work well.

We've just updated our Rosenfeld Media author events calendar. Catch Indi Young in her backyard (User Research Friday in San Francisco, November 7). Other author stops include Shenzhen, Istanbul, and the world's most isolated city, Perth. Also, a special discount on Canux 2008 (Banff, November 16-17), from our friends at nForm:

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Tonight, at around 7pm ET, the Rosenfeld Media web environment will move to a dedicated server at a new ISP. Given that our environment has many moving parts, it's hard to imagine that things will be working perfectly once the change-over is made. So we'd greatly appreciate both your patience and your flagging any problems and letting us know ASAP. And if for some reason you can't make a purchase via our shopping cart, you can still buy our books via Amazon. Many thanks!

Updated, 2pm ET October 5: Seems like we're back up and running, and able to handle purchases. Our digital downloading, however, is not quite there. You may experience very long download times, or the download might time-out altogether. If this happens to you, just let us know and we'll find another way to get you the file. Or just log back and try again in a day or so from now, when it should be working better. Thanks for your patience! Server migrations: can't live with'em, ...

Updated, 3pm ET October 13: Everything should be back to normal now.