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Announcements Archive

Another signing: Indi Young will write a Rosenfeld Media book on alignment diagrams—mental models married to proposed features. Alignment Diagrams: Product design for real-life activities will show how to develop and use alignment diagrams to test design and business assumptions, and help shape a web site or application's structure and strategy.

A founding partner of Adaptive Path, Indi has impressive experience developing these diagrams for clients from a wide variety of industries. We're thrilled to have Indi on board, and are greatly looking forward to publishing her book early next year.

Please visit Indi's "book in progress" site, subscribe to the RSS feed, and spread the word!

We've just launched a web site for Lou Rosenfeld and Rich Wiggins' forthcoming book, Search Analytics for Your Site. You'll find a draft of the book's first chapter, a free Perl script that generates a report from search logs, a bibliography, and much more. The site is also a place to ask questions, discuss, and share your experiences using search analytics on your own site.

Please have a look and let us know what you think, and keep up with the site's news and announcements by add this RSS feed to your aggregator. We plan on adding lots of new content in the coming months.