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It's been interesting to monitor how users tag the Rosenfeld Media site. As of this writing, the site's home page has been tagged by approximately 80 users. The ten most common tags are:

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Darn it.

A few of you have let me know of problems using the form on our Contact page. It's likely that many more of you experienced the same problems, but didn't hunt down my email address to let me know (not that I would blame you).

This nasty little gremlin is elusive, having escaped our pre-launch testing, and seems to occur only intermittently, making it hard to reproduce and study. But we do have a few ideas regarding the cause. Please be patient while we work on a fix. In the meantime you can send email directly to

Thanks for your patience, and for all of your input so far: your suggestions have already improved our site.

Finally, you might enjoy reading the Wikipedia's entry on Murphy's Law , whose origin involved a rocket sled, G-forces, and a chimp.

Liz Danzico interviews Lou Rosenfeld in Boxes & Arrows, a publication that should be familiar to every UX professional. It's a quick read that explains the motivation behind the company's founding, and how we hope to be different.

I've been planning Rosenfeld Media for about five months, and blogged the news of its impending arrival some time ago. But launching the RM site makes everything feel real, permanent, and somehow "official".

Hello world!

It's been a pleasure getting to the point, especially working with Bright Creative's Dave Shea to develop this site. Please kick the tires and let us know what you think. And please feel free to spread the word.

Rosenfeld Media is close to launching. Really close. So close, that the site is done. Almost. Enough so that hiding it from curious eyes is no longer practical... but not quite 100% yet.

Hopefully you're here because we asked you to be. If not, mind waiting outside for an extra day or two? And if you could be so kind as to not link here quite yet, we'd love you for it. We'll make it loud and clear when we've officially launched.

Thanks for your interest, and continued patience.